Interior & Bathroom

The Greenspeed Original microfibre cloth and Fox Duster are the ideal combination for interior cleaning. With unique cleaning and absorption capacity, the cloths retain quality and shape even with frequent washing while the duster contains polyester fibres which ensure high electrostatic charge. For bathroom use, the Handscrubby Flex quickly removes soap and limescale from items such as washbasins, showers, bath tubs and toilets.  


Glass & Walls


With the Glass Mop, Winglet frame and 3-part telescopic handle you can thoroughly clean glazed walls in a user-friendly way. With the Winglet frame you can clean edges efficiently and fast. The 3-part telescopic handle is lightweight and easily adjustable, so you can clean in an ergonomic way. 



Click, fill, spray and clean in an instant! In just a few steps you can clean your floors in an innovative way with the Click’M, Twist Mop and Sprenkler. The Twist Mop is attached to the Click’M frame with a simple, unique magnetic system so that the mop is easy and quick to change. If you combine this simple system with the Sprenkler you no longer have to carry those heavy buckets around as it has an integrated water reservoir. 



Due to its unique pattern and high absorption capacity, the Kitchen microfibre cloths can be used to hygienically clean and degrease very dirty kitchen surfaces. 


Trolleys & Accessories

The C-Shuttle is an innovative work trolley that is fully lockable, compact and easy to manoeuvre. In addition, the work trolley is made from 75% recycled plastic. All the materials used are of the highest quality and are 100% recyclable. The C-shuttle can be personalised with your own brand. 


We're Proven to be Reliable

Our products meet strict environmental, quality and health standards

The microfibre cloths of Greenspeed are the first in the sector in Australia to receive a GECA certification. This certificate guarantees an ecologically responsible production chain from “cradle to grave”, the highest production quality and product functionality in practice. Even the packaging is designed to reduce the demands made on the environment.