Your Ideal Partner for Smart Cleaning Solutions

Greenspeed offers a total concept of innovative and effective cleaning solutions, which are user-friendly. Here at Greenspeed it is more than just about our products. Everything we do is focused on quality, innovation and delivering benefit to the environment.

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All of us at Greenspeed are dedicated to customer service. We work to build strong relationships with our distributors as well as with the end users of our products. We can offer expert advice, provide training and host workshops.


We have been offering high-quality cleaning solutions for more than 20 years. And we test our products against quantifiable efficiency criteria.


We at Greenspeed are industry innovators, constantly improving the efficiency, sustainability and user-friendliness of our cleaning products.


We do what we say we do. To guarantee the effectiveness of our products and the minimum impact on the environment, our products are tested and verified by independent organisations. At Greenspeed we respect the environment and take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. We work with other organisations and partners who think and do the same as we do.

Our Values

Our wide range offers customised products for all surfaces and a variety of applications: interiors, bathrooms, kitchens, floors and walls. We leave nothing to chance, working to deliver the best possible concepts and cleaning solutions. All this is based on our core business values: efficiency, sustainability, innovation and user-friendliness.